A Suffolk seafront bar at the centre of complaints about noise and late night violence has applied retrospectively for use as a sports bar and restaurant. 

The Skye Lounge in Undercliff Road West, Felixstowe had secured permission from East Suffolk Council for use as a restaurant, but had been running as a bar, resulting in the council putting a stop to this use last December following complaints from 26 nearby residents.

Applicant Stuart McConnachie explained the business initially started as a bar, but after six months he received a call from the council informing him that he had not applied for the bar use and the permission was for a restaurant and takeaway.

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So he started selling food and using the Just Eat online takeaway service and he said the food side had now overtaken alcohol sales as people were not going out and drinking as much as they used to.

He added the application for the joint sports bar and restaurant use was designed to include both the alcohol and food sides of the business.

He also provided reassurances that the late night disturbances had previously been linked to live music performances, but these events were no longer taking place.

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"When we first opened, we did live music and we had live music until 1am and we upset a lot of local residents, but we have not done live music for nine months and we have not got any issues with local residents. They are fine now," Mr McConnachie said.

The retrospective application incorporates opening hours of 8am to midnight, Monday to Friday and 7.30am to midnight on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

However, there were a number of objections from local residents to these latest plans.

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One resident, Philip Young, feared there would be problems with 'fighting and shouting'.

He said: "I strongly object to the change of use from restaurant to sports bar.

"We have had problems with noise and disturbance from this property in the past.

"It seems to operate already as mainly a drinking establishment with little emphasis on the restaurant side of the business.

"I have seen bouncers at the door at weekends and this would not seem necessary if it was
mainly operating as a restaurant.

"It operates in a residential area and noise at night especially around closing hours is a problem."