A community-minded Suffolk law firm has come to the rescue of a post office that was flooded out by Storm Babet by offering the use of part of one of its offices.

Family firm Fairweather Law has an office next door to Framlingham Post Office in Riverside and has offered the use of part of this premises after the town was inundated with water during the heavy rain last weekend.

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On Thursday, the EADT revealed that the post office will need to vacate its site for four to six months after an assessor deemed the property to be a biohazard and told postmaster Roger Tripp that he needed to move out.

Jack Fairweather, a director with the law firm, said he was 'lucky' that his firm had other offices to which he could relocate staff after the Riverside base was flooded, including in Station Road, Framlingham, as well as Aldeburgh, Ipswich and Leiston.

He said he wanted to be 'community-spirited' and accommodate the Post Office because of its importance to Framlingham.

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"Yesterday, I saw Roger Tripp and he said they were looking for an alternative space to run their Post Office and Framlingham is much more in need of a good Post Office than it is in need of a second office for my firm, so I am more than willing to offer it to them for as long as they need.

"Framlingham is lucky enough to have a well-run Post Office and it is essential for our town," Mr Fairweather added.

He hoped the Post Office would be up-and-running in his Riverside office within the next three weeks, although the premises needed to be dried out first as it was also inundated with water three feet high and the plaster needed to be dried and new flooring laid down.

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Mr Fairweather said safety was paramount, but once this was assured the Post Office would be using the area where the firm's reception had previously been based.

Mr Tripp said although the space at the law firm's office would be smaller than in the Post Office next door, he was confident that the relocated Post Office would be able to offer at least 95% of the services provided previously.

In any case, the old Post Office was 'only feet away' as the reception was close to the roadside.

He said: "It is a phenomenal offer. It is extremely generous of Jack."

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