A man who used a tracking device to find his ex partner's new home has been jailed for 12 years following a serious assault. 

Adrian Codreanu, formerly of Rifle Hill, Braintree, was jailed at Chelmsford Crown Court on Friday, October 20 following a five-day trial. 

The 37-year-old was found guilty of GBH, attempted GBH and aggravated burglary after he assaulted his ex-partner and her boyfriend.

At about 10.30pm on Friday, July 2, 2021, officers from Essex Police were called to a report of a disturbance at a home in Braintree. 

The victim, a woman in her 30s, told officers that she had been attacked inside the property by her ex-partner, Coderanu, who was brandishing a screwdriver. 

Her boyfriend, also aged in his 30s, was attacked by Coderanu outside the home before he was able to get out of the car he arrived in. 

The court was told how the woman had sustained multiple injuries during the attack including marks on her face, scratch marks where the screwdriver connected with her neck and extensive bruising to her arm and ribs after Adrian Codreanu used a tracking device on a mobile phone to find out her new address.

They also heard that the man sustained a fractured skull and facial injuries that required hospital treatment.

Codreanu was arrested four days later by police in Lancashire after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was charged with GBH, attempted GBH and aggravated burglary and remanded in custody to appear at Colchester Magistrates’ Court on Friday July 9, 2021. 

Detective constable James Wagner, who led the investigation, said: “Adrian Codreanu showed himself as a physically abusive, jealous ex-partner when he unleashed a violent and brutal attack on two innocent people.

“It cannot be underestimated the psychological effect this assault would have had. 

“I want to praise the victims for their strength of character and their courage to support this prosecution and, now that they have seen justice served, I hope that they can move on with their lives.”