A Wickham Market family whose garden and house were engulfed by flood water during Storm Babet have thanked the local heroes who rescued their horses and sheep.

When Storm Babet hit Suffolk on October 20, floods appeared across the county, affecting businesses, homes, roads and schools.

In Wickham Market, a mum of four spoke of their mission to save their animals from the rising water, leading to community support.

Anna Davies said: "It was a nightmare.

East Anglian Daily Times: The animals on the decking with water around their anklesThe animals on the decking with water around their ankles (Image: Paul Davies)

"The water was coming up our driveway, it actually smashed up the concrete.

"We had just about managed to collect the kids from school in Brandeston and we thought, 'brilliant, that's the end of it'.

"When we arrived home the water was rising fast, so we went and managed to get two horses and four lambs out of the flooded field shelter at the back of our garden.

East Anglian Daily Times: The driveway after the flood with the water damaging the concreteThe driveway after the flood with the water damaging the concrete (Image: Paul Davies)

"I was hysterical."

At this point, the water was rising fast, with it looking increasingly likely that they won't be able to save any more animals.

Mrs Davies continued: "I waded out into the street crying for help, and I saw local councillor Sally Noble, who came and sat on the decking where we were keeping the animals until 3am.

East Anglian Daily Times: The garden's water levelThe garden's water level (Image: Paul Davies)

"Fate also had it that our friends, Charline and Steve were passing because they wanted to see whether we were ok.

"They waded through and helped rescue more animals."

Sally had contacted farmers in the area, who came through with hay to help keep the animals calm on the decking.

East Anglian Daily Times: The animals on the deckingThe animals on the decking (Image: Paul Davies)

Steve and Anna's husband Paul started rescuing the remaining sheep from the shelter, putting them on the decking.

Their final horse almost drowned in the flood, with Paul having to keep her head above the water due to the current pushing her under and having to swim out, escaping onto the high street with someone managing to capture her.

The rain persisted until 3am, by which point, Paul, Sally and other residents had stayed with the animals, while local farmer Guy Hayward came with his telehandler and saved Anna and the four children, taking them away.

East Anglian Daily Times: The water in the houseThe water in the house (Image: Paul Davies)

The day after, funeral services Markhams came to help with their horse box, taking all of the animals to a farm in Framlingham, which is where the animals have remained since the flood.

Anna said: "We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that's helped.

"We had an enormous amount of people coming out and it's just amazing how the community came together.

"The incredible Sally, sticking with the animals until 3am, Steve and Charline for their help, Guy for getting us to safety, Markhams for taking the animals to safety and Georgia Fisher for housing them."

East Anglian Daily Times: Anna, Paul and the familyAnna, Paul and the family (Image: Paul Davies)