A Suffolk MP is calling for a new road crossing to be created to improve safety for villagers who have to cross the busy A12.

Dr Dan Poulter, MP for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, wants the new crossing installed at Marlesford so residents don't have to 'run the gauntlet' when trying to get from the main part of the village to the bus stop for services to Ipswich or to the Marlesford Farm Shop and Cafe.

He was particularly concerned about the 'intensification' of the use of the A12 associated with new developments along its route, such as the planned Sizewell C nuclear power station.

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Last week, the MP visited the village and spoke to residents, including villagers with visual impairments and mobility difficulties who discussed how hard it was for them to cross the road.

Dr Poulter wants energy firm EDF, which is developing Sizewell C, to work with Suffolk County Council to develop the new crossing and to bring forward funding for the necessary work.

He described the road as 'impossibly fast moving' with rare breaks in the traffic flow, while the noise from passing vehicles made it difficult for people those with visual impairments to cross.

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In July, the EADT reported how Suffolk peer Lord Marlesford was calling for 'urgent action' to create the so-called Four Villages Bypass to take traffic around Farnham, Marlesford, Little Glemham and Stratford St Andrew because of Sizewell C safety concerns.

Dr Poulter said: “Road safety at Marlesford needs to be addressed as priority for these residents, but with the forecast intensification of use of A12 anticipated with the construction of Sizewell C, road safety must now be a top priority.

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“EDF simply must play its part in bringing forward funding to support the safety of residents in Marlesford so that they can safely cross the A12 to reach the bus stop, use the farm café and access village services.”

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