A Leiston woman has described how a man accused of murder burst into her flat on the night of the alleged killing and attacked her while she was bathing her baby.

In a statement read to a jury at Ipswich Crown Court the woman said that Oskars Kantors, who was a neighbour, sounded angry as he "stamped" up the stairs and lunged towards her as she was bathing her 16-month-old son.

She asked him what he was doing, and he didn't reply, and he had then grabbed hold of her ponytail causing her headband to snap.

"I was screaming 'my child, my child'. My son was screaming, and I knew he was scared," said the woman.

Kantors said he didn't care and had then pushed her head down on the ground before picking her up by her waist and slamming her down on the floor.

"I was in complete shock," said the woman.

Kantors, 29, of Old School Close, Leiston, has denied murdering 41-year-old Agris Leigavnieks, who also lived in a old School Close, Leiston on October 17 last year and an alternative charge of manslaughter.

The court has heard he has admitted two offences of assault causing actual bodily harm on a man and a woman on the same evening as the alleged murder.

Simon Spence KC, prosecuting, said that Mr Leigavnieks had previously been in a relationship with Kantors' girlfriend and on the night of the alleged murder the defendant and his partner had an argument after he had been drinking and went out with his half-brother to buy cat food but returned with alcohol.

During the evening Kantors had also gone to a house in Leiston Court in the High Street and had repeatedly punched a man he knew in the face resulting in the police being called and the man being taken to hospital.

Kantors had then gone to a house in Old School Lane, Leiston, where a woman was bathing her baby and grabbed her by the hair before slamming her onto the floor, said Mr Spence.

Later the same evening other residents of the shared accommodation in Old School Lane where Mr Leigavnieks lived went to his room and found him in a crouched position on the floor and described him as grey and barely breathing.

Mr Spence said Kantors had allegedly admitted stabbing Mr Leigavnieks to a neighbour who said he didn't appear to be concerned about what he'd done.

Kantors also allegedly told another witness that he suspected his partner and Mr Leigavnieks of having an affair.

He allegedly said he had installed hidden cameras in his house after catching them together.