Images have been released by Suffolk Highways that captured a huge yacht being transported through Suffolk to Ipswich Marina. 

Suffolk Highways documented the route the abnormal load took as it travelled from Newmarket to Ipswich today. 

East Anglian Daily Times: Suffolk Streetlighting assisted the moveSuffolk Streetlighting assisted the move (Image: Suffolk Highways)

Suffolk Streetlighting assisted the move, with images showing the team pulling up bollards and other street furniture along the route to make space for the wide yacht. 

Ipswich has seen several large vehicles transported through the town, with aerial shots showing the route a different wide load took last week. 

East Anglian Daily Times: The yacht took several hours to transportThe yacht took several hours to transport (Image: Suffolk Highways)

The wide load took several hours to transport, as Suffolk Streetlighting had to pull up and re-install the bollards along the route as the yacht was moved. 

Further wide loads will be moved through Suffolk from Ipswich to Eye this weekend, with delays expected on key routes including the A140.