This week's King's Speech was historic because it was the first we've seen for 73 years - and also because it was one of the longest on record.

Personally I'd have liked it to be whole lot shorter! 

Something like: "My government will spend the next four months tying up the loose ends of legislation before giving the people the chance to have their say in a general election."

Because it's absolutely clear that the current government has run out of steam and in many ways appears to be rotten to the core.

East Anglian Daily Times: I would have preferred a shorter King's Speech!I would have preferred a shorter King's Speech! (Image: PA)

It appears to be out-of-touch, out-of-control, and out-of-time. It is time that every voter in this country was given the chance to have their say on it.

Of course it is possible that every opinion poll taken over the last couple of years has been totally wrong and the majority of voters in this country are perfectly happy with the government.

In that case Rishi Sunak will be able to go around with a beaming smile on his face and tell everyone "I told you so" for the next five years.

But every bone in my body, everything I've learned in my career - and in my studies before I started as a journalist - tells me that is a rather unlikely scenario.

To be clear, I don't want a general election called now. We need another Christmas election like a hole in the head - I just want the current lot to plod on without making too many mistakes until the middle of March and then confirm a General Election for the start of May.

Because this Parliament has been a total misery from Day One.

Okay, Boris Johnson "got Brexit done." But all that has done is make trading with Europe more difficult, made it more complicated to go on holidays to the continent, and frankly turned Britain into a much more divided society. Thanks Boris!

Nothing could have been done to stop Covid - but it's now becoming clear that we had the worst, most incompetent, and frankly the most immoral bunch of charlatans in ministerial and advisory posts trying to deal with it!

The current Prime Minister might not have been the author of the streams of profanities or the organiser of the parties, but he was effectively the second most important person in the government and living right next to Number 10.

Former deputy Civil Service head Helen MacNamara told the Covid inquiry: “I would find it hard to pick one day when the regulations were followed properly inside that building."

If Mr Sunak really thought the rules were being followed at all times in No 10 he must have been totally out of touch with reality. Isn't it time for the British people to have a say on his record?

And just look at the record of the last four years. 

Apart from Partygate we've had many other scandals. We've had MPs and ministers (including the former Prime Minister himself) suspended and forced out of parliament for unbecoming conduct - whether it's lying or inappropriate behaviour or whatever.

Former MPs from both main parties have been jailed - and at the weekend the Tory party was plunged into another row over allegations that there had been a cover-up over one of its MPs who had been accused of rape.

All of this means that the country needs a fresh start as early as possible in 2024.

It isn't good enough to hick along with this tawdry government until October next year or, God forbid, January 2025.

As I said whenever the election comes, it remains possible that the voters will give Mr Sunak and his team a new mandate.

I have to say if that happened it would be the biggest shock since Colchester defeated Leeds in the cup in 1971.

And while I'm making no promises, I'd probably be moved to hang up my pen and notepad for good!