A sight loss charity has launched a new scheme in Suffolk giving you the chance to have a puppy living with you. 

Guide Dogs launched a new puppy raising scheme and is asking people across the county to give a home to a guide dog pup for the first year of their life. 

The role involves supporting puppies for the first 12-16 months of their lives before they move out and begin their specialised guide dog training. 

Fay McAllister, puppy development advisor for Suffolk, said: "Being a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs is an exciting and rewarding opportunity to raise a guide dog puppy and prepare them for their future role supporting someone with sight loss.

"With your support, we can help train more life-changing guide dogs for people in the UK living with sight loss."

At least 30 new homes for puppies are needed as part of the scheme in Suffolk. 

The cost for all the food, veterinary care and equipment required for each puppy is covered by the charity.

Volunteers must be 18 and have suitable housing and the ability to access online training.