Environmental campaigners in Suffolk were 'exploding with joy' to be 'getting rid' of an environment secretary who seemed to be 'disinterested' in nature after Therese Coffey announced her resignation from the position.

During her tenure, which began in October last year, the Suffolk Coastal MP attracted the attentions of the action group Campaign Chorus, which fights for better water quality and installed sarcastic blue plaques around the county in 'honour' of Dr Coffey's achievements.

The group is particularly concerned about pollution in Suffolk's waterways caused by dumped sewage, such as high levels of the bacteria E.coli found in the River Deben.

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Kirsty Logan, a representative of Campaign Chorus, said: "I am glad to be getting rid of someone who seemed utterly disinterested in the environment. 

"She was environmentally illiterate to the point of being anti-nature and rivers. She did not seem to care about our wildlife at all.

"I think the time has come that we need someone who is serious and qualified to hold that position. Someone to take us into a brighter future rather than dragging us down."

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East Anglian Daily Times: The plaque that appeared on toilets at Whisstocks in WoodbridgeThe plaque that appeared on toilets at Whisstocks in Woodbridge (Image: Submitted)She described how the group's WhatsApp feed had 'exploded with joy' at the news of her resignation.

The tongue-in-cheek blue plaques have appeared in various locations, including one outside toilets in Whisstocks in Woodbridge, which read: "Servicing the water industry. Therese Coffey. Sort of a Dr, but not really. Emptying your toilet into our rivers, creeks and Suffolk coastline. Praise Be."

"She was just disinterested. I think we deserve better and I think the environment deserves better," Kirsty added.

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Save the Deben is another campaign group that is fighting for improved water quality in the River Deben and has succeeded in attaining designated bathing water status from Dr Coffey's former government department Defra for a section of the river at Waldringfield, meaning it is safe for swimming.

The status is also being sought for part of the river at Woodbridge.

Ruth Leach, the group's co-founder, said: "On behalf of the 'Save The Deben' campaign group, I greet her resignation from the position of minister of the environment with relief- any conflict between her ministerial and constitutional duties that may have constrained her have now been removed and I call on her to put her full effort behind our campaign for a cleaner river as the MP for Suffolk Coastal."

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In her resignation letter, Dr Coffey spoke of her 'pride' in delivering for 'people, the planet and prosperity' during her time as a minister, which began in July 2014.

She cited her work publishing an Environmental Improvement Plan, launching a Plan for Water and helping to secure the Global Biodiversity Framework, while strengthening the foundations for Defra, unleashing rural opportunity and championing the countryside.

She said: "While there is more I could write about what I am proud of having achieved in government, I have always been most proud of representing my constituents of Suffolk Coastal and acting on local issues."

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak thanked Dr Coffey for 'years of dedicated ministerial service and your friendship to me personally'.

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He said her 'teamwork and positivity' had 'helped bring everyone together' during a 'difficult time for our party' when she took on roles as both health secretary and deputy prime minister.

"I want to express my gratitude to you for your years of dedicated ministerial service and your friendship to me personally.

"You have driven work across Government to support the rural economy and taken measures to protect food production here at home.

"You have been a consistent champion of better rural broadband."

He added: "I am also grateful to you for all your work as health secretary and deputy prime minister which helped prepare the health service for the winter.

"In a difficult time for our party- your teamwork and positivity helped bring everyone together."