Ipswich has been named the unhappiest place to live in Suffolk, according to new figures. 

Suffolk's happiest and unhappiest places to live have been revealed using well-being data analysed by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The ONS has used the results of a national survey that asked people to rate their level of happiness during the 12 months up to March 2023 to give district council areas an average figure.

People were asked to rate their life satisfaction, happiness and anxiety levels out of 10.

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East Suffolk has been revealed as the happiest area in Suffolk, followed closely by Babergh.

West Suffolk and Ipswich were ranked as the unhappiest areas in the county. 

This is consistent with the results of the last 10 years, with Ipswich consistently the unhappiest district in Suffolk.

So, how did each area score?

1. East Suffolk

Happiness: 7.86

Life Satisfaction: 7.78 

Worthwhile: 8.11

Anxiety: 2.76

2. Babergh

Happiness: 7.81

Life Satisfaction: 7.68 

Worthwhile: 8.10

Anxiety: 2.79

3. Mid Suffolk

Happiness: 7.71

Life Satisfaction: 7.95 

Worthwhile: 8.04

Anxiety: 2.73

4. West Suffolk

Happiness: 7.40

Life Satisfaction: 7.54

Worthwhile: 7.63

Anxiety: 3.59

5. Ipswich

Happiness: 7.21

Life Satisfaction: 7.62

Worthwhile: 7.93

Anxiety: 3.09