I’m no Lewis Hamilton or Stirling Moss but I tell you what the standard of driving these days from some people is appalling.

Three times in the last couple of weeks I’ve nearly been wiped out by cars pulling out of junctions in front of me. Thankfully either I managed to swerve, or they managed to brake, and disaster was averted. God knows what would have happened if I’d been on a pushbike or motorbike. It doesn’t bare thinking about.

I now work in Ipswich Town centre and all-day long people are blowing their horns at each other, not in a nice way but in an aggressive way!

People have stopped using indicators and expect the rest of us to be like Mystic Meg and work out where they’re going. Others block roundabouts so you can’t go round them, and the number of times yellow boxes are blocked is unbelievable.

People are amber gamblers and jump the traffic lights both on four wheels and two.

On the A14 I’m regularly undertaken by vehicles on the inside and just the other day it happened to me when a driver who was manically laughing as she did it and then weaved in and out of the traffic. Others tailgate and as I’ve got a small sports car, seem to want to race me, mostly Audi and BMW drivers.

Even in towns if you stick to the limit, you get tailgated with drivers trying to force you to go faster.

This all before you spot people on their mobile phones making calls or texting. I see it every single day multiple times. Why is it lots of people have decided they don’t need to follow the rules of the road. Where has the courtesy gone?

I always try and let people out when I can and it’s always nice if you get a little wave back as a thank you.

The thing is we’re not talking about young drivers here who get a bad reputation behind the wheel, I’m talking about mature men and women who frankly should know better.

What’s the matter with people? People seem to be in such a rush these days and many are just looking out for themselves and not other road users.

It’s easy to blame the police but even if we had more of them out on patrol this kind of thing would still carry on.

Data released by the Department for Transport shows 22 people died in 20 crashes in the county throughout 2022.

Accidents happen, we all accept that but so many could be prevented if we just slowed down a bit and looked out for each other. I was always told it’s better to be a few minutes late than not arrive at all.

Maybe we should have a few public information films to remind people about the rules of the road and maybe encourage them to read the Highway code!

So please, leave a little earlier and be nice to each other on the road. It would be nice to think no one is going to be missing from the Christmas dinner table this December.