A rural business park has been given the green light by planning inspectors following an appeal. 

On July 18, 2022, Babergh District Council refused planning permission for employment land at Cobbolds Farm, Ipswich Road, on the outskirts of Hadleigh. 

An appeal against the refusal was lodged with the Planning Inspectorate and, on Tuesday, inspector Nick Palmer agreed planning permission should have been granted. 

Babergh District Council's objections included the ecological impact of the site and inappropriate competition for other employment sites. 

And now, after the appeal was allowed, the council said it stands by the decision that a countryside location is not the right place for the development. 

Mr Palmer found while there would be some harm to the character and appearance of the area, the harm would be mitigated and limited. 

He said that, although opportunities for sustainable travel to and from the site are limited, mitigating factors limit the scale of harm in this respect. 

Mr Palmer said: "The development would be of considerable benefit economically, from provision of employment opportunities and associated benefits to the local economy generally, including through increased expenditure. This benefit attracts substantial weight." 

Philip Munson, owner of the Cobbolds Farm Business Park, will now have the chance to extend the park, which is already successfully operating with main tenants of Kersey Freight and Beestons Coaches.

Max Short of Artisan Planning of Ipswich, who acted for Philip Munson during the appeal, said: “This is a very good location for the business park located on the eastern edge of Hadleigh with great access and where there is scope and now permission and space to create a high quality office park as well as accommodating employers in the warehousing and distribution sectors.

"It is also a great lift for job growth prospects in Hadleigh."

A spokesperson for Babergh District Council said: “We support the creation of employment land in Hadleigh, but stand by our decision that a countryside location, outside any strategic employment allocation, is not the right place for it. 

"We are considering our next steps following the Planning Inspector’s decision to allow this appeal.”