A Suffolk MP has written a stinging letter accusing district councillors of being more concerned about creating 'hedgehog highways' than supporting residents flooded out by recent storms.

Dr Dan Poulter, who represents Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, has written to East Suffolk Council leader Caroline Topping saying the authority had been too slow in providing financial support to residents whose homes were flooded during Storm Babet.

He does also praise the 'very best of our county,' including individuals, farmers and community groups for coming to the aid of those in need and thanks council workers and staff who helped those impacted by the flooding.

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The letter was sent to other Suffolk district authorities, which he said were handling the financial support process more efficiently.

The Government has set up a flood recovery scheme for Suffolk homes and businesses providing £500 for households and £2,500 for businesses and Mr Poulter said the 'mechanism' for local councils to make payments through this scheme had been in place 'for some time'.

However, he was concerned East Suffolk's processes were 'overly bureaucratic' and failing to deliver funds to residents in a 'timely manner'.

In the letter, Mr Poulter, whose mother was stranded in the flooding, said: "Residents, particularly those on lower incomes and with little or modest savings, who are in the greatest need of financial support, are struggling to access the flood recovery funds in a timely manner.

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"My office is receiving increasing numbers of enquiries from local residents who need urgent funds, but who have either received no response from their local councillor, or no response or help from the council when they have tried to gain access to financial support through the flood recovery fund."

Mr Poulter said payments from the scheme were working 'a little better' in the Mid Suffolk area, before adding: "However, some East Suffolk councillors are currently more concerned about creating hedgehog highways than supporting their residents who have been flooded."

He called on East Suffolk Council to make 'every effort' to tell residents about the flood recovery scheme and how to access it and to ensure funds were delivered in a 'timely manner' and without 'unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles'.

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In response, East Suffolk's leader has thanked Mr Poulter for his support for local communities and assured him that her authority was 'working tirelessly' to ensure the 'right money goes to the right people as soon as possible'.

She said affected homeowners would be told how they could claim from the scheme.

"Unfortunately, the detail required from Government was not immediate, particularly for businesses.

"However, once the Government finally confirmed what funding would be available for those affected, he will know that a range of requirements and criteria were presented to us to resolve.

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"We have subsequently worked closely with the Conservative-run Suffolk County Council, who are the lead flood authority, to manage the process effectively.

"Dr Poulter is correct to point out the incredible hard work of council officers and communities in responding to the flooding and we are rightly proud of our brilliant teams in East Suffolk.

"However, it is a shame that he has pointedly failed to also recognise the efforts of local ward councillors at the time, some of whom barely slept for days during a period of high anxiety and stress for so many people.

"As importantly, at a time when people of all political colours are coming together and putting their communities first, it is also deeply disappointing that he is once again resorting to cheap jibes, this time about hedgehogs, rather than taking a mature, collaborative approach that I believe represents the very best of Suffolk in difficult times."

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