A 98-year-old care home resident in Bury St Edmunds has amazed millions of people online with her Christmas wreath tutorial. 

The video of Lillian Currell, from Marham House Care Home in the west Suffolk town, painting the Christmas decoration went viral, with 4.6million views and thousands of heartwarming comments. 

Mrs Currell, who has been living at the Bury St Edmunds care home for nearly three years, presented her own interpretation of a Christmas wreath using only a glass and teaspoons. 

She used to work as a laboratory assistant until her children were born, and then she became a homemaker. 

Mrs Currell would help her children do art, as she also enjoyed it during her school years. 

It was not until her children had left home and Lillian had a holiday to the Wye Valley that her husband, upon seeing a man sketching, encouraged Lillian to take up art and crafts.  

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Mrs Currell partakes in most of the art activities at Marham House, which she enjoys, and as she said she finds art very therapeutic. 

See the tutorial here