Plans for a car wash in a mid Suffolk town centre have been resubmitted despite previous concerns over heritage and increased traffic.

Applicant Metin Bicen is seeking permission from Mid Suffolk District Council to transform a vacant plot north-west of Milton Road Car Park in Stowmarket into a hand car wash, complete with a wash canopy, storage building and 2.2m high customer shelter. 

Car wash plans were lodged for the 725sqm brownfield site, that has been derelict since 2017, in 2022, but they were withdrawn after concerns were raised over harm to heritage and Stowmarket Town Council objected to the access and increased traffic. 

In the fresh plans, which were submitted last week, the proposed hand car wash would be temporary, meaning it would be permitted for three years. 

The site would allow for 13 parked cars and additional cars in the queue and sign directing cars not to queue on the road would be erected. 

A statement on behalf of the applicant said: "The site at present is in a derelict and unkempt condition.

"The proposed temporary use will represent betterment without permanently affecting the concerns raised over heritage and design in a prominent location."