A 30-year-old man who died after a crash on Christmas Day had been celebrating with friends with his fiancee, an inquest has heard. 

An inquest concluded on Monday into the death of Leroy Lynch, 30, who died at the scene after trying to cross the A14 in Newmarket last year.

Emergency services were called to junction 37 at around 8.40pm on December 25 to reports of a pedestrian having been involved in a collision.

Despite attempts to revive him, Mr Lynch died at the scene.

Those in attendance at Suffolk Coroner’s Court on Monday heard that Mr Lynch had moved to Newmarket from Ireland to follow his dream of becoming a jockey.

He and his fiancée, Nicole Comiskey, had spent the morning attending to horses at the stables where they worked before going to a friend’s house to celebrate Christmas.

The couple were also celebrating their anniversary, with December 25 marking one year since they had become engaged.

The couple had stayed celebrating with friends until the early evening before walking home, when Mr Lynch suggested crossing the A14.

The court heard Mr Lynch had managed to cross the westbound carriageway, with a vehicle swerving to avoid him and hitting the central reservation.

Mr Lynch then attempted to cross the eastbound carriageway. He was struck by a vehicle, and thrown back into the westbound carriageway, where he was struck a second time by another vehicle.

The court heard that Mr Lynch suffered “catastrophic” injuries, which would have resulted in immediate loss of consciousness, and potentially his death.

Giving evidence in court was PC Dean Webb, a forensic road collision investigator based at Stowmarket.

He told the court that no drivers had been charged in connection with the incident.

Mr Stewart concluded that Mr Lynch had died as a result of a road traffic accident.

He said: “I can’t think of more tragic circumstances, to be walking home on Christmas Day and to make a misjudgement that resulted in his death.”

He concluded by offering his own condolences to Mr Lynch’s family, particularly his partner and young daughter.