Permission for a 15-metre high wind turbine to be built in an east Suffolk village has been granted after an appeal, despite concerns from the district council.

Proposals for the micro wind turbine at Church Farm on land south east of Church Lane, in Earl Soham near Framlingham, were refused by East Suffolk Council in September last year on the basis that it was not located in an area identified as suitable for renewable energy in the Neighbourhood Plan. 

However, applicant Jane Andrews appealed the decision and now it has been overturned by Inspector Graham, who allowed the development at appeal. 

The inspector found the the site was "relatively enclosed" and considered the turbine would cause "limited harm" to the landscape character.

The inspector also found that, while the proposal would be in conflict with a policy set out in the local plan, there was an absence of an "appropriate neighbourhood or other plan" which the policy could defer to, and so it could not be complied with.

"While the benefits are limited to relatively small-scale support for domestic energy, I conclude, in the absence of community opposition or material harm to the environment, that the benefits from the proposal would represent material considerations sufficient enough to outweigh conflict with the development plan," the inspector said.

Joe Ridgeon, director at national planning specialist Hedley Planning, which oversaw the appeal, said: “We are delighted to eventually secure planning permission for this exciting project and very much look forward to seeing the plans come to fruition.

“We continue to face an energy crisis in the UK, so harnessing the wind can be one of the most efficient ways to supply clean energy for local landowners and homeowners. We expect to see more applications coming forward as people continue to see the advantages and plug in to greener energy solutions.”

Foundations will commence in March 2024, with the first generation expected later in the summer.

Proposals for Church Farm will provide up to 11,400 kW per year of power for domestic and leisure use.