A Suffolk woman fears she will be cut off in her village by roadworks that are due to take place in order to repair a collapsed road.

Jenni Green and her husband Ron live in Aldham near Hadleigh, where the main road through the village has been closed since part of the road collapsed. 

However since the road was shut to traffic, no work has taken place and drivers have still attempted to get through the barriers, according to Mrs Green. 

East Anglian Daily Times: The road has been shut since November 20The road has been shut since November 20 (Image: Jenni Green)

It has led to Mrs Green feeling as though they will be isolated in their village.

"Nearly all elderly people live here it is going to cut us off in quite honesty," said Mrs Green. 

Drivers have been diverting through nearby Whatfield in order to reach Hadleigh, but Mrs Green believes the roads are not up to sufficient standards. 

She added: "The back roads are terrible. There is a lot of water on those roads. 

"It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't being used by people who don't know the roads. I came home Sunday and cars fly along that road really fast - they don't know the bends and they don't know the roads.

"There will be more accidents if we get a lot of ice."

The road is due to be shut until December 19, although when work will begin remains unclear. 

Mrs Green believes the road is likely to be shut for longer due to the size of the job.

"Personally, I can't see that happening because no work has started at all," she said. 

"It is not a small job. The road has collapsed even more now. It is really big job so I can't understand how they can say it will be closed until December 19 when they haven't started doing anything.

"It's frustrating and worrying really."

A spokesman for Suffolk Highways said: "We've closed the road to ensure the safety of road users and are planning repairs as soon as we can. 

"We will update Aldham Parish Council once the repair works are ordered."