An art gallery and café has announced they are to reopen for a town's Christmas fayre after a lorry crashed into the building.

Vela Art Gallery and Café in Saxmundham has been closed since November 13 after a vehicle crashed into their premises. 

The lorry, which was parked on the street in the east Suffolk town, was hit by an oncoming bus.

Sue Pendleton, who is part of the ownership team which runs the café, described the incident as a "disaster".

The café has confirmed they will reopen for the town's Christmas fayre on December 1, with people advised to enter via the side entrance. 

"A full structural survey this week has given us the all clear that the café is safe and the damage is mainly broken wood," a statement on social media said.

"The courtyard and backroom will also be open all day with access via our back entrance (to the left of the café) through the courtyard.

"We look forward to seeing you all."

The café will remain closed after the Christmas fayre.