Snow and ice have hit Suffolk today as the county faces a cold snap.

The Met Office extended its weather warning for snow and ice over the weekend earlier today, with the freezing temperatures set to last until early on Sunday morning. 

The warning is mostly focused on the Suffolk coast, but inland could see some snow flurries on Saturday and Sunday. 

A spokesman for The Met Office said that snow showers can be "hit and miss," but that there are chances that small flurries might be scattered around the county over the weekend. 

He also said that a freezing fog - tiny liquid droplets that immediately freeze on surfaces - will be present on the murky Saturday morning. 

Sunday will be cloudy, with areas of Suffolk set to see rain, sleet or snow, depending on the temperature. 

The Met Office spokesman said that, as of today, it is more likely to be a very cold rain that falls, rather than snow. 

A temperature of -5C will be felt in the early hours of Saturday morning, with nighttime air cooling to an average of -4C across the weekend.