A much-loved Greyhound from Ipswich who lost his tail after being hit by a train is back to his old self, as his owner knows he’s still ‘wagging’ on the inside.

Eight-year-old Oscar required emergency surgery from Veterinary Specialists in Six Mile Bottom, Cambridgeshire, to amputate his tail and repair his horrific wound.

East Anglian Daily Times: Oscar after the operationOscar after the operation (Image: R&Co Communications)

Oscar’s medical emergency started after he escaped from his owner’s garden when being let out in the morning to go to the toilet, but a gate had been opened overnight, it’s thought by a prowler.

Unfortunately, Oscar wandered onto a railway cutting near the garden and his distressed owners heard the train blow its horn followed a terrible cry from Oscar.

Oscar was found hours later miles away from his home with a large injury.

His owner, Wendy Beazley, from Ipswich, said: “We tried to call Oscar for his morning walk and realised he was missing from our garden.

“Next we heard a terrible cry from Oscar when he was hit by a train but it wasn’t for another three to four hours that he was found.

“Now he’s had his wound repaired he’s back to normal, back to chasing squirrels and trying to get a head start to the treat cupboard.

“Oscar has been magnificent throughout this, bearing in mind he had been re-homed a few times with various issues before we got him.

“People have commented that by him not having a tail he would not be able to express himself. What rot! If you know your dog you can read them without the tail.”

East Anglian Daily Times: Oscar after the surgeryOscar after the surgery (Image: R&Co Communications)

Rachel Hattersley, head of theatre at DWR Veterinary Specialists, who performed Oscar’s surgery, said: “Oscar was in quite a bad state when admitted to us. He was stabilized and the wound managed as an open wound until healthy enough to close.

“We then used the skin from Oscar’s tail to close the hole and the operation went as planned. It’s fantastic to hear that Oscar is back to his old self and leading the charge for the treat cupboard.”