Shocking figures have shown that the RSPCA has been called to more than 550 neglected animals in Suffolk in 2023. 

The new data which shows figures between January and October of this year reveal that the charity received 576 reports about neglected animals in the county during the first 10 months of the year. 

Dermot Murphy, RSPCA inspectorate commissioner, said: “Thousands of animals' lives are hanging in the balance this Christmas with animal neglect reports a real cause for concern - including in Suffolk.

"But there is hope. Our frontline officers work tirelessly to bring neglected animals to safety - and it's the kind-hearted public who power these rescue efforts.

“This winter, our rescue teams are set to be very busy trying to help and reach so many neglected animals - which is why we need animal lovers to join the Christmas rescue now more than ever, and donate to help us be there for neglected animals in their time of need."

In July the charity revealed that animal cruelty cases were on the rise for Suffolk

A report from the charity showed there was 132 reports of animal cruelty in the county during the last year, which is an increase of 20% when compared to 2021's statistics. 

Adam Jones, RSPCA chief inspector for Suffolk, said: “Right now, animal cruelty is happening in England and Wales on a massive scale and rising - and sadly the number of cruelty incidents in Suffolk are also too high.

"It is heartbreaking that we are seeing figures which show animal cruelty is, very sadly, on the rise.

The RSPCA is now launching its join the Christmas rescue campaign which is aiming to support its frontline staff ahead of what could be a bleak winter season for pets and other animals.