Suffolk MP Dr Dan Poulter has called for the county council to improve safety at the low bridge near Needham Lake following a series of accidents.

Dr Poulter knows the area well, having lived in nearby Barking Tye for several years, and has been contacted by a number of residents who are concerned about ongoing safety concerns at the Coddenham Road railway bridge on the B1078 approaching Needham Market.

Many residents use the road on a daily basis when travelling to and from their homes and work, and are concerned that it is only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

The Needham Market Bridge is on a blind bend with significantly restricted visibility and the road is only wide enough to allow one vehicle to pass under the bridge at a time.

However, traffic approaches the bridge from both directions on the Coddenham road and also from the busy Lion Lane which serves the Lion Barn Industrial estate.

East Anglian Daily Times: Dr Dan PoulterDr Dan Poulter (Image: Newsquest)

Dubbed Britain’s “most bashed bridge”, it is frequently struck by high vehicles and there are often near misses from traffic approaching the bridge at speed.

Local resident Roger Grosvenor highlighted the problems earlier this year - calling for traffic lights to be installed to control the traffic.

Dr Poulter, Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP, met Mr Grosvenor - who lives in his constituency - at the bridge to see the problems for himself.

The MP said: “The popular Needham Lakes site is immediately adjacent to the bridge and quite rightly, it draws in visitors from far and wide.

"These visitors aren’t necessarily familiar with the road and it’s only a matter of time before near misses become serious accidents.

“This is clearly not acceptable and the time has come for something to be done about road safety at this accident hot spot and this is why I have called upon Suffolk County Council to take action.