Concerned villagers have said lorries travelling through their village may one day “kill someone” after plans were put in to increase the size of a mid-Suffolk haulage site.

Objections are being raised by residents in Great Ashfield, near Stowmarket, following a planning application from haulage firm David Black and Son.

The company has applied to Mid Suffolk District Council to extend the Portable Space storage yard at Bacton Business Park.

Villagers say the plans would increase the number of HGVs travelling through their narrow lanes, putting other drivers at risk of collision.

Wetherden Road resident Bob Riches said: "It can be a deadlock when the traffic meets and there is a lot of anger brewing up in the village.

"The verges are very narrow, with ditches either side, and sometimes it is impossible to pull over if you happen to bump into a wide load.

"Both Wetherden Road and School Road are unclassified roads with blind bends and limited passing places, and there also have been signposts saying they are unsuitable for HGVs.

East Anglian Daily Times: 'These are roads with blind bends and limited passing places.''These are roads with blind bends and limited passing places.' (Image: Bob Riches)

"Wetherden Road also has a 60mph speed limit and it only needs a small error by a driver. I can envisage someone ending up in a ditch.

"There should be a more suitable site for expansion. Otherwise, one day these lorries will kill someone."

East Anglian Daily Times: Bob Riches, resident of Wetherden Road in Great Ashfield near Stowmarket.Bob Riches, resident of Wetherden Road in Great Ashfield near Stowmarket. (Image: Bob Riches)

A spokesperson from David Black and Son said: “Since being founded in 2002 here in Bacton, Portable Space has always operated safely from this site and become a successful Suffolk business which employs 75 local people and supports many other local suppliers. 

“The current planning application has been made by us to consolidate various current storage locations in the local area. 

“Portable Space carefully considers the routes its lorries take, they prioritise safety and comply with local and national highway guidance.

“With respect to the current planning application, we have been working with Mid Suffolk Council to address any comments raised.”