A popular counter clerk is retiring from her role in a Suffolk village Post Office after more than six decades. 

Rita Kerridge, who has lived and worked in Wickham Market all her life and started work in the Post Office and shop aged 15, is retiring at the age of 80. 

Ms Kerridge has spent 66 years serving the community and has worked under seven different postmasters. 

Postmaster Anthony Davis, said: “Rita is kind, caring, bubbly and very reliable. Most people would not know that Rita is an octogenarian as she looks much younger.

“Six years ago, Nicola and I moved from the north to Suffolk and took on Wickham Market Post Office. Rita made it so much easier to settle as she knows everyone in the village and she would introduce us to all the customers. It was like a personal endorsement from Rita who is born and bred in the village and has lots of family members living here to.

“Nicola and I previously worked in the NHS, so we were unexperienced in retail. Rita, who had worked in retail all of her adult life, really helped us with her Post Office knowledge. We really appreciate all the support that Rita has given us." 

Mr Davis said that, during Covid, they furloughed Rita to help keep her safe but she 'couldn't wait to return to work' as she enjoys it so much. 

"Recently Rita has been working two mornings a week, but she loves to come in on her days off to chat to customers – her extended family," he said. 

”Rita wanted to work right up to Christmas as this is the busiest time of the year.

"We had a combined Christmas and retirement meal for Rita and another employee, Carol Beyerley, who has also worked here for six years.

“News is now out that Rita is retiring. Customers have been popping in to thank her," he added. 

Post Office area manager, Shervorne Page, said: “What an incredible achievement for Rita to have worked at Wickham Market Post Office, loyally served this community for so long. 

"Rita has loved being at the heart of this community and she’s a local treasure.”