Damage caused by vandals has meant that a Suffolk Christmas display will need replacing for next year.

Earlier this month, the EADT revealed how vandals had targeted an inflatable Santa and snowman outside the home of David Cockroft in Grange Road, Felixstowe.

The Santa had been completely removed from the front garden and was later found just around the corner in Coronation Drive, while the snowman was found lying face down on the floor.

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However, Mr Cockroft said the props had suffered permanent damage and he was now looking to buy solid-framed display items, including a reindeer, for next year.

He said he had managed to fix the anchor straps that held the snowman in place, but the support was not as strong as it used to be and had been pulled out, while some of the stitching for the straps had also come undone.

Meanwhile, although the Santa was still able to be lit up, the motor that used to run the display was no longer working.

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East Anglian Daily Times: The Christmas display as it looked before the damageThe Christmas display as it looked before the damage (Image: David Cockroft)He said he was going to buy the new display items in the January sales and had a budget of £100 to £150, while he had also received donations from well-wishers to put towards the new festive attraction.

The Santa and snowman have proved especially popular among walkers heading to a McDonald's restaurant at the Dock Gate One roundabout, as well as visitors to the estate.

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Mr Cockroft said there was also CCTV present to prevent a repeat of the vandalism.

He added he was not going 'to let the vandalism get me down,' while the support he had received in donations was proof that far more people had enjoyed the display he had created.

Although at the time some had asked whether the wind had caused the damage, Mr Cockcroft said there was no way the wind could have deposited the Santa figure in Coronation Drive, while other inflatable displays nearby had not been affected.