One of the biggest and brightest meteor showers will be visible in the Suffolk skies tonight. 

The first meteor shower of 2024 will peak tonight, in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Named the Quadrantids after the former constellation Quadrans Muralis (now part of Boötes), during the peak of the shower over 110 shooting stars will be visible per hour.

The blue meteors will have fine trains which happen after meteors enter the earth's atmosphere at around 70km per hour and vaporise. 

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The Royal Greenwich Observatory warns that the peak period of the Quadrantids only lasts for a few hours, so there will only be a short window to watch the phenomenon.

The Met Office has forecast quite clear skies overnight however the moon being in its last quarter means there may be some light interference which will affect viewing. 

Meteor hunting is a waiting game, so stargazers are encouraged to find somewhere remote with as little light pollution as possible, bring a comfortable chair and wrap up warm.

They will be visible to the naked eye so watchers will not need binoculars or a telescope but should let their eyes adjust for 15 minutes before attempting to spot the shooting stars.