Suffolk's residents are set to be asked to pay just under 5% more for the policing element of their council tax bills from April.

And the county's police and crime commissioner Tim Passmore has launched his annual survey to gauge public views on his draft proposal for the policing element for the council tax precept for the next financial year.

The Policing Minister has told PCCs they can raise their element of council tax by just under 5% in April - that's just over £10 a year for a Band B home, the most numerous in Suffolk.

The survey is available on the PCC’s website and closes at 9am on Thursday, January 25.

Mr Passmore said: “As your Police and Crime Commissioner, setting the budget is one of my most important responsibilities.

"I must ensure that the Constabulary has the resources needed to provide an efficient and effective service, whilst ensuring that I use Suffolk taxpayers’ money for the maximum benefit. 

“As has been the case for several years, our funding from Government is just not enough, so I really do need to consider an increase the precept to maintain the level of police service in the county.

“Suffolk is one of the lowest-funded forces in the country and faces significant challenges.  This would increase the policing budget by £3.4m and give the Constabulary the resources it needs to keep pace with demand.

“I have a duty to maintain an efficient and effective police force for Suffolk and in order to meet the costs of inflation, pay awards and other cost pressures. Regretfully I feel I have no option other than to propose increasing the precept by 4.9%.”

Chief Constable Rachel Kearton said: “At a time when demands on policing are growing ever more rapidly it is essential that the Constabulary is properly resourced and equipped to deliver a high-quality service and ensure Suffolk continues to be a safe place in which to live, work, travel and invest.”