A community leader has said it is "shocking" that a major west Suffolk route has been left closed for days after it flooded. 

The A143 Compiegne Way in Bury St Edmunds has been shut since Sunday after it was left submerged underwater during extreme rainfall. 

The closure has caused many people to find alternative routes, which has meant heavy congestion in and around the town centre. 

An emergency road closure was put in place in March 2023 after the road flooded

East Anglian Daily Times: The A143 flooded in March 2023The A143 flooded in March 2023 (Image: Suffolk Highways)

Leader of West Suffolk Council, Cliff Waterman, who is also the councillor for the Eastgate ward which covers Compiegne Way, said he has also been caught up in the traffic. 

He said: "It is frankly shocking that an important road in and out of Bury St Edmunds has been allowed to flood to begin with, and clearly there are not adequate drainage provisions there. 

"Secondly, if it were to flood, it shouldn't be left for a whole working week. It's quite shocking.

East Anglian Daily Times: Cliff WatermanCliff Waterman (Image: West Suffolk Council)

"Suffolk County Council have a lot of questions to answer over it because clearly it is not a new problem, it has been happening for a while. 

"I do think there are some very serious questions they need to answer about the way they maintain the roads, their planning for instances like this, and their emergency procedures for when there are instances like this. 

"It is totally unacceptable that a major road like this is blocked and it has caused absolute traffic chaos in the town centre all week.

"For residents of my ward it is appalling because they have non-stop traffic queues outside their houses and people cannot move in and out of the side roads easily. 

"It is down to a lack of proper planning and a lack of proper investment in our roads."

Compiegne Way was one of many Suffolk roads to flood amid Storm Henk – the third major storm to cause widespread disruption since last October.

A spokesman for Suffolk Highways said: "We recognise the frustration residents are feeling with the closure of Compiegne Way due to flooding, we are working with our contractors to plan in repair works here as soon as possible and will provide an update on next steps early next week.

“Highways teams have been out day and night over recent days responding to 100s of emergency flood reports across the county working to keep people safe and the county’s roads moving.

“If you spot a highway emergency, please call 0345 606 6171.”