The sighting of a bird rare to the UK in a Suffolk village has 'caused quite a stir'. 

People living in Elmswell spotted a colourful pheasant wandering through gardens yesterday morning. 

"This bird is causing a stir," said a spokeswoman for the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. 

"It looks like it could be a Temminck's Tragopan, an Asian bird from the pheasant family."

It is believed the bird escaped from a poultry breeder near the village as it is not native to the UK.

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East Anglian Daily Times: The bird is believed to be a Temminck's TragopanThe bird is believed to be a Temminck's Tragopan (Image: PA Picturedesk)The Temminck is one of the five species of Tragopan pheasant and can normally be found living in mountains in India, China and Myanmar.

The males are brightly coloured with a blue lappet under the chin which expands during mating season.

The species 'comical dance routine' was featured in BBC One's Planet Earth III. 

The other Tragopans include Western, Satyr, Blyth's and Cabot's.