A Suffolk councillor is calling for 'proper planning not just disaster management' to address issues on a notorious road that regularly floods.

Representatives of Suffolk County Council's flood and water management team are due to meet staff from the Environment Agency on Thursday (January 18) to discuss options to deal with the problems at Potters Bridge on the B1127, near Southwold.

The road often becomes impassable to traffic during periods of heavy rainfall or high tides when water levels in nearby Easton Broad become too high and flood onto the road.

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In November, the EADT revealed that a team from the Environment Agency had visited the broad to create a drainage channel to take water to the sea, but the movement of the sea would mean this channel would often become blocked again.

Cllr David Beavan, who represents Southwold, said instead of the agency's staff having to constantly return to dig out the channel again, the Government body should contract the tenant farmer who owns the land to keep the outflow open.

He called for a sill to be created at the bridge to retain fresh water upstream for the 'valuable' reed beds and for improvements on the B1126 Wangford road as the 'only route into Reydon and Southwold that is above sea level'.

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This route is often used as an alternative by motorists when the bridge is flooded.

He said: "We need proper planning not just disaster management. Proper working together, not just shifting responsibilities."

Suffolk Coastal MP Therese Coffey has also been pressing for a solution to the flooding problems at the bridge.

Dr Coffey said: "I understand this is a technical meeting at officer level. I am joining Cllr Paul West and Suffolk County Council officers for a meeting on this next Friday."

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