The murder of Ipswich's Dr Brenda Page by her ex-husband will be the focus of a new BBC documentary that is set to air next week.

Dr Page, a former Northgate School student, was 32 when she was found dead in her Aberdeen flat, where she had lived alone, on July 14, 1978.

The case remained unsolved for several decades until Dr Page's ex-husband Christopher Harrisson was convicted of her murder last March – almost 45 years after her death.

It had been one of Scotland's longest-running unsolved murder cases until Police Scotland’s Major Investigation Team relaunched an investigation in 2015.

East Anglian Daily Times: Christopher Harrisson was jailed for Dr Page's murderChristopher Harrisson was jailed for Dr Page's murder (Image: Police Scotland)

Harrisson was arrested and charged with murder in March 2020, and his trial heard how he subjected Dr Page to a prolonged campaign of domestic abuse that ultimately culminated in her death.

The couple, who were both scientists, had divorced a year earlier.

In the documentary, Murder Trial: The Killing of Dr Brenda Page, takes a fresh look at the case and features interviews with detectives who brought Harrisson to justice.

Det Insp James Callander, who was the senior investigating officer, told BBC Scotland News that he believed Harrisson thought he would get away with the murder due to the time that had passed since her body was found.

East Anglian Daily Times: Dr Page died in 1978 in AberdeenDr Page died in 1978 in Aberdeen (Image: Police Scotland)

He said Harrisson "tied himself in knots to a certain degree but didn't really realise it" in police interviews, with the moment of the 2020 arrest set to feature in the documentary.

Harrisson was caught after semen found at Dr Page's flat matched his profile, the BBC said.

He was 82 years old when he was jailed for life, with a minimum term of 20 years before he can apply for parole.

Last year, podcaster Isla Traquair told this newspaper how she confronted Harrisson over Dr Page's death in 2002 – and recalled how the killer got angry when questioned.

Murder Trial: The Killing of Dr Brenda Page airs on BBC Two on Wednesday and Thursday evenings next week.