Plans for a new block of flats at an existing apartment building in a Suffolk market town have been branded an "overdevelopment" amid concerns over noise, parking and privacy.

Plans for the construction of a new building, 'Block B', at Belle Vue Place, on the corner of Newton Road and Belle Vue Road in Sudbury, were submitted to Babergh District Council on December 8. 

Now in the consultation phase, the proposed new block would be made up of nine new flats complete with balconies and a roof garden for the residents. 

The plans also include provisions for a green roof and communal garden at the existing block (A), as well as amendments to openings

Additional cycle parking is proposed and existing parking spaces would be re-provided beneath the proposed new block. 

However, Sudbury Town Council has recommended refusal of the plans, stating it would be an "overdevelopment" of the site and would have "a negative impact on the amenity for local residents".

The council also said the proposed roof terrace could cause noise disturbance to residents and there would be insufficient parking for the additional flats. 

The Sudbury Society also voiced objection to the plans and stated: "The site is already over-developed, creating more traffic near a busy junction and the plans applied for further impinge severely on the privacy of neighbours." 

Two residents in neighbouring houses also submitted statements of objection to the council citing fears of overlooking, building height and impact on wildlife. 

One wrote: "The trees are good for all the wildlife around this area and needed to stop this area becoming a concrete jungle. Trees were taken out from the front of building which were protected and now building just looks like a prison." 

The site was formerly home to a two-storey building used as a tax office by Inland Revenue, but this was demolished in 2014 and the site was approved for the existing 19-flat development in 2018. 

The nine new flats would all have one bedroom and five of them would also contain a study room.