A community leader has expressed his concerns over the state of village road which has become full of potholes. 

Borley Road in Long Melford is prone to flooding during winter months and periods of heavy rainfall. 

The road has been left submerged for a number of months and now a number of large potholes have emerged. 

Suffolk Highways has said the road will be resurfaced next month.

East Anglian Daily Times: Borley Road has been flooded for monthsBorley Road has been flooded for months (Image: David Walters)

Residents of Long Melford have expressed their concerns over the state of the road. 

John Nunn, who is a part of Long Melford Parish Council, said: "Suffolk County Council have allowed this to go on for so long that the road has deteriorated into a terrible state and people have contacted me who have had burst tyres due to the potholes."

David Walters, who regularly cycles along the road, which is part of of a national cycle route, said: "If this is not fixed I think that more cyclists will be tempted to use the narrow footpath from Borley Road to the bottom of Ropers Lane, which is not ideal for cycling but maybe better than bouncing over potholes or getting sprayed with dirty water."

Suffolk county councillor Richard Kemp, who covers Long Melford, added: "It is historically a bad stretch of road and it has always flooded. 

East Anglian Daily Times: Long Melford councillor Richard KempLong Melford councillor Richard Kemp (Image: Newsquest)

"I fully understand why people are so frustrated and I am as frustrated as they are – I have chased this a number of times and I have always kept people informed."

Mr Kemp said the road has been earmarked for resurfacing in early February. 

He added: "The fact that the road is flooded and has been for the last two months will make it difficult until they get the flood water down."

A spokesman for Suffolk Highways said: “A section of Borley Road, Long Melford will be resurfaced in February between Rod Bridge and the Country Park access. The work will also address road edge defects and broken kerbs within the area.”

“The road will be temporarily closed to allow the work to be completed safely.”

Mr Nunn was said he was pleased to hear the roadworks will be carried out next month.