Plumes of Saharan dust are expected to turn the skies over Suffolk red this weekend. 

People could be left with an orange coating on their windows or cars today, as plumes of dust are blown over to the UK from the Saharan Desert due to southerly winds. 

The dust is predicted to cause some very vivid sunrises and sunsets, according to the Met Office.

East Anglian Daily Times: Saharan dust could leave orange streaks on carsSaharan dust could leave orange streaks on cars (Image: PA Media)

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A Met Office spokesman said: "A plume of Saharan wind is being blown by a southerly wind where it is expected to reach Suffolk this weekend.

"The wind will reach the county tomorrow where people can expect to see vivid red sunsets and sunrises.

"Saturday night and Sunday morning are expected to be particularly notable, and clear skies in Suffolk should create a great opportunity to see the bright red colours."