As many as 1,500 apprenticeships will become available at Sizewell C as the nuclear project enters its construction phase.

Georgia Pleasants is the first of a new wave of young local people who’ll be taking up Sizewell C apprenticeship opportunities from this year onwards.

Earlier in January, the project announced it had entered the formal construction phase: a game-changing moment for skills and employment in the region.

At peak construction, around 2,600 workers – a third of the workforce on the site – are expected to come from the local area. For apprenticeships, the opportunity is significant: 1,500 apprenticeship places on offer during the course of the construction phase.

East Anglian Daily Times: Georgia started her Sizewell C apprenticeship in 2023Georgia started her Sizewell C apprenticeship in 2023 (Image: Sizewell C)

“It’s my favourite thing!” said Georgia, of her HR apprenticeship at Sizewell C.

Georgia, who’s based just 25 minutes away from the site, started her apprenticeship in 2023, and was thrilled that there was such a good opportunity so close to home.

“It’s in the local community, it’s right on my doorstep, there’s fantastic benefits, brilliant support, and the teams are amazing to work with,” she said.

“The number and breadth of apprenticeship opportunities offered by Sizewell C is phenomenal, offering the chance to build a career in the local area for huge number of youngsters,” said Daniel Mayhew, director of community and partnerships at Kingfisher Schools Trust.

“For the young people living in Leiston and the surrounding areas, a Sizewell C apprenticeship offers the chance to gain valuable skills, higher earning potential and improved life chances.”

Following the green lighting of the construction phase, the Sizewell C apprenticeship scheme is open now, with several apprenticeship opportunities already available on the Sizewell C website – from business admin and quantity surveying to civil and nuclear engineering.

East Anglian Daily Times: Chris Young, head of employment affairs at Sizewell CChris Young, head of employment affairs at Sizewell C (Image: Sizewell C)

“This is an extraordinary opportunity for young people in the area,” said Chris Young, head of employment affairs at Sizewell C.

“And we want to ensure that people can access those opportunities easily and efficiently. One way we’re doing that is through Young Sizewell C, which is a great way for people aged 16 to 21 living in Suffolk or Norfolk to get help connecting to in-demand career and apprenticeship opportunities that come up at Sizewell C.”

The Sizewell C team is also working closely with further education providers in Suffolk to ensure that local people are able to develop the skills needed to work with the project. Many of these skills will be transferable to other projects in the East of England, providing long-term stability to those who acquire them, regardless of what job they choose.

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“The Eastern region is experiencing a high demand for skilled workers,” said Rachel Bunn, director at East Coast College. “Apprenticeships can help create and retain talent in the region. The Sizewell C project is expected to provide many apprenticeship opportunities that will help develop core knowledge and skills within the clean energy workforce and regional supply chains.”

The level of Sizewell C investment is significant: £20 million will be delivered to support skills development in the local region; £4.75 million investment in Young Sizewell C and the Sizewell C Jobs Service; £8.5 million for an Asset Skills and Capability Fund, paid to Suffolk County Council; in conjunction with a further £500,000 to expand, enhance and develop local skills provision to satisfy project and regional aspirations.

East Anglian Daily Times: Up to 1,500 apprenticeship places are on offer during the construction phaseUp to 1,500 apprenticeship places are on offer during the construction phase (Image: Sizewell C)

For Georgia, the opportunity for Sizewell apprentices especially is something to shout about.

“Apprenticeships are a very good way to get an education, get some qualifications, and be working at the same time,” she said. “It really sets you up to be ready for the workplace. I get to speak to lots of different people, the opportunities are endless, and you learn something new every single day.

“If you’re looking for an apprenticeship in East Suffolk, I would recommend Sizewell C as a first choice.”

For more information and examples of the types of roles available on Sizewell C, check out the Employment & Training Prospectus at

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