A drug dealer who hid a live firearm in rucksack behind his sofa has been jailed at Ipswich Crown Court. 

Farad Aitchegou, 52, was sentenced to five years behind bars after officers found crack cocaine, cannabis and a firearm during a raid at his home last year. 

Officers carried out the raid at his home, in Jack Andrews Close in Colchester, in January 2023, following information that Aitchegou had been dealing drugs from the property.

East Anglian Daily Times: Officers raided his home in January 2023Officers raided his home in January 2023 (Image: Essex police)

Searches revealed a quantity of crack cocaine, valued at £2,000, and cannabis, valued at £850, as well as a bored-out starting pistol still capable of firing live ammunition. 

Live ammunition was discovered within the same rucksack behind his sofa.

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Officers also discovered digital weighing scales, small plastic bags and a quantity of cash.

East Anglian Daily Times: The firearm was found alongside a quantity of drugsThe firearm was found alongside a quantity of drugs (Image: Essex police)

Aitchegou was charged with possession with intent to supply Class A and Class B drugs, possession of a firearm and live ammunition.

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He pleaded guilty to all four offences before he was sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court on Tuesday, January 30.

Detective Sergeant Matt Harmer, of Colchester local policing team, said: “This operation, from the initial strike on the address to the presentation of the case to the CPS, was conducted entirely by Colchester’s local policing team."