A new modular building is going to be installed to provide a sensory room at a Suffolk school set up to help children access education.

Compass Community School in Crown Street, Leiston, has taken delivery of the new building to provide a space for the school's 12 children to 'self-regulate' their emotions and return to a classroom setting.

At the moment, the new facility is sitting at the front of the property, but will eventually be lifted by a crane over the back.

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The school opened in November 2021 to provide education to children who have missed school, though prior to the arrival of the new building, all the rooms had been used as classrooms.

Sam Foster, estates development manager at Compass, said: "It is just a sensory and nurture room for the children. 

"It is to provide a space for our children to self-regulate in school. If they find the education difficult, it provides them the space to be able to self-regulate their emotions and go back to the classroom setting."

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