A dog owner is overjoyed after he was reunited with his missing pooch thanks to the help of a Facebook group.

Bella the golden Labrador, who has lived in Lowestoft with her owner Shaun Brown since last March, was reported missing from her home on January 30.

Not being tech savvy himself, Mr Brown enlisted the help of Mike Bavington, who moderates the 'Lowestoft One Hell of a Town (Minus Snowflake Admins)' group on Facebook.

East Anglian Daily Times: Bella has lived with Shaun Brown for almost a yearBella has lived with Shaun Brown for almost a year (Image: Shaun Brown)

Mr Bavington posted a call for help online and hundreds of people quickly flocked to join the search party, coordinating search routes, sharing photos of Bella and even sending out their thermal drones.

Bella was found safe on Friday and was still healthy despite having lost some weight and being covered in mud.

"It was an absolute nightmare - to go 10 days without her was just heartbreaking," Mr Brown said.

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East Anglian Daily Times: Hundreds of people joined the search for BellaHundreds of people joined the search for Bella (Image: Shaun Brown)

"I could never have gotten through this without my sister Edwina and my amazing friends and neighbours - they all did so much for me by going searching every day and putting posters up everywhere.

"I am so happy and relieved to have her back now - it's just me and Bella at home so she's like my little family."

Mr Bavington added that he could not believe how much the town came together for Bella.

"I'm a London boy, fairly new to Lowestoft, and I'm just amazed," he said. "I've never come across this kind of community spirit before - there was such a strong 'let's get together to help' vibe.

"My phone just would not stop pinging with people telling me about sightings and ideas, it went ballistic.

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East Anglian Daily Times: She is now home safe and soundShe is now home safe and sound (Image: Shaun Brown)

"When I posted that she'd been found, there were people hugging in the streets and one lady even messaged me and said 'I'm in my living room absolutely drenched in tears'."

The group grew in size from 18,000 to 21,000 members during this time and Mr Brown has said he wants to meet Mr Bavington in person and introduce him to Bella.