A new shop specialising in toys and gifts is set to open in Felixstowe as it progresses from having started out in a co-working space.

Michaela Sawyer is hoping to open Taba Naba in Hamilton Road either on Saturday, February 10 or 17.

It originally started in the @Inc Felixstowe co-working space in Hamilton Road, which provides a workplace for freelancers and sole traders.

Since then, she had moved to Orwell Road in the town and now believes she is ready for the challenge of moving into the town's main shopping street.

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She said: "I started at the @Inc small business centre. I got feedback on the products I was selling, then I opened the shop as a test for the bigger high street."

Ms Sawyer explained the unusual name Taba Naba comes from a children's song that originates from the Torres Strait islands just north of Australia.

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She collects local arts and crafts items and said she would be willing to provide a space in her shop for local producers to sell their wares.

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But as well as the shop side of the business, she also planned to provide a space for local activities and has had talks with a local Spanish teacher about putting on Spanish lessons for the older generation.

In addition, she hoped to work with other businesses in Hamilton Road to stage events, including the newly-opened Cookie Barista, which specialises in bubble tea.

Another possibility was to organise an escape game, where teams have to solve puzzles in order to escape from a particular situation or site.

Ms Sawyer added: "I quite like helping other businesses. If I see something that is good and quality and safe, then I will run with it."

Although she will initially be running the shop on her own, she said she was hoping to employ a staff member because of her family responsibilities.