A man from Stowmarket took on The Chase in a tense final to try and win £6,500 on the gameshow.

Nigel, a 62-year-old sustainability consultant, appeared on the show alongside Anna from Nottingham, Viji from London and Mel from Sunderland. 

He was the first to take on the cash builder questions from host Bradley Walsh, and said if he won the money he would use it to buy a classic car. 

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"You'll remember The Saint's Volvo, the P1800," he told Walsh. 

However, Nigel did admit his wife Antonia would want the winning money to be spent on their 30th wedding anniversary later this year. 

Nigel faced Paul 'The Sinnerman' Sinha who gave the contestant the choice of taking back a low offer of £1,000, the £5,000 he won in the cash builder or a high offer of £30,000. 

Nigel kept the £5,000 which he took into the final after correctly answering a question on the most southerly national capitals in the Commonwealth. 

In the final, Nigel and Anna were trying to win a total of £13,000 and answered 15 questions correctly to try and beat Sinha.

It started strong for the pair with four pushback attempts to stop the Chaser from winning but in a tense moment of television, Sinha won with one second to spare.