When will our Members of Parliament grow up and start behaving like adults?

The scenes in the mother of all parliaments this week were an utter disgrace.

A day when they should have been speaking about the Israel-Gaza conflict descended into a total farce.  

East Anglian Daily Times: EADT columnist Mark Murphy MBEEADT columnist Mark Murphy MBE (Image: Charlotte Bond)


With the humanitarian crisis in Gaza growing, we ended up with chaotic scenes, accusations of bullying towards the speaker and political parties walking out.

What must the watching public and the world think of this?

It seems our politicians were just out to score political points against each other. It’s time these clowns started to take their jobs seriously, no wonder the electorate is losing confidence in politicians.East Anglian Daily Times: Politics today is like a Punch and Judy show, says MarkPolitics today is like a Punch and Judy show, says Mark (Image: Newsquest)

It’s not just this week we’ve had scenes like this. Every Wednesday we have the embarrassment that is Prime Minister's Questions or PMQ’s.

It would be lovely if we actually had some questions that were answered.

The Prime Minister, rather than answering questions just comes back with attacks on the leader of the opposition or even asks a question himself.

Perhaps if we renamed it “Prime Ministers Answers” we might get some grown up debate.

Rishi Sunak isn’t the first PM to act like this, but I hope he’s the last. Politics is a serious business, yet PMQ’s is more like a Punch and Judy show.

East Anglian Daily Times: Mark has had enough of PMQ'sMark has had enough of PMQ's

The shouting, the jeers and cheers from the benches is just embarrassing. It’s like a bear pit.

Can you imagine that happening in your workplace? No, neither can I.   

I’m sure some of our MPs go into politics for the right reasons, public service and to make a difference but increasingly the impression we get is some are only in it to feather their own nest. Once they finish being MPs, they’re keen to become Members of the House of Lords or take on lucrative roles in business.

Some MPs have second jobs.

I’ve never understood how that can happen. Surely being a Member of Parliament is a big enough job? How can you represent and help your constituents when you’re off doing something else?

The Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP, Dr Dan Poulter still works in the NHS. I’ve spoken to him and others in the past about second jobs and he said it’s important to get first hand knowledge about the NHS from being on the frontline. I’m sure his NHS work is vital but when he’s doing this, who’s representing his constituents?

Should MPs have second jobs? I personally don’t think so.

There is so much wrong with this country, our MPs should be working hard to sort things out and not feathering their own nests or squabbling like kids.

East Anglian Daily Times: Politicians need to focus on sort out the flooding, not squabbling like children, says MarkPoliticians need to focus on sort out the flooding, not squabbling like children, says Mark (Image: Danielle Twitchen)We’ve got long waiting lists in the NHS, crumbling hospitals, a lack of NHS dentists, crumbling schools, potholed roads, floods every time it rains, knife crime, shortages in the Armed Forces, global uncertainty with conflict in Ukraine and as I mentioned earlier Gaza.

I could keep going with that list. What I want from our MPs is for them to grow up, stop point scoring, roll up their sleeves and get some of these things sorted. Maybe, just maybe, then the electorate would trust our MPs and the UK would be a better place to live.      

What do you think?