Elections are set to take place this weekend to form a new committee to take over the running of an east Suffolk Conservative Club that had faced doubts about its future.

Voters will be able to choose from 20 candidates who have put their names forward for the new committee for Felixstowe Conservative Club, as the club's current chair Martin Brown will be leaving the position.

The ballot is set to be held this Friday and Saturday, March 22 and 23, with the results being announced at the club's annual general meeting on Monday, March 25 when there will be an official handover to the new committee.

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The club has been the subject of speculation that it is struggling financially and has seen dwindling numbers of visitors coming through the door.

However, a club member, who did not wish to be named, said there had been a "pleasing" level of interest in joining the committee, with four candidates for the chair role and two for secretary, along with nominations for the general committee roles.

He said: "Looking at some of these nominations, it is pleasing that those people who have a view are actually putting their names forward to act on it, which is good."

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He added some of the candidates had ideas about changes that could be made to help generate more revenue for the High Road West club, including reopening the kitchen and the bar and holding more events.

"You can't just keep it open. You have got to make changes to generate the footfall to generate the revenue," he said.

He also revealed the club had received some funding from its parent organisation, the Association of Conservative Clubs to help it continue operating. 

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