A "delightful" little girl who needed a safe space to sleep has had her life changed by a charity who decided to donate to the cause.

Four-year-old Millie from Felixstowe has severe autism and global developmental delay, and has been sleeping in her mother's bed as she was hurting herself on the bars of her own cot.

Because of her conditions, Millie makes unpredictable movements, bangs her head, and engages in stimming (repetitive movements), as she is nonverbal and unable to communicate her needs.

She would make herself bleed on the bars of her cot, at the site of her recent percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) surgery, which placed a feeding tube into her stomach.

Millie's mum Leila recently set up a fundraising page to cover the costs of a bed, which can cost more than £1,700, as her NHS occupational therapy (OT) team would not provide a supporting letter.

After an injection of cash from Christian charity BASIC Life, Leila is now able to afford a safe bed - which has padded walls instead of bars and a gap for Millie to get in and out - and allow the family a good night's sleep.

Ms Mathieson said: “I'm so happy. All I could say to the charity when they visited was that they have changed Millie's life.

East Anglian Daily Times: Millie, 4, has severe autism and global developmental delay, along with other additional needs.Millie, 4, has severe autism and global developmental delay, along with other additional needs. (Image: Leila Mathieson)

"The Lions club in Felixstowe also want to donate, so I said I would put that towards a specialist waterproof mattress and some waterproof bedding for Millie."

She added: "It's just been a horrible time. This should never have had to happen. 

"But Millie has her bed. It will take around six to eight weeks to arrive, as it has to be specially made to a specific height and the adaptions for her tube feed.

"I would like to say a massive thank you to everybody who donated and shared, a big thank you to BASIC and the Lions, and all the other companies who have donated.

"We are looking forward to a peaceful night's sleep."

East Anglian Daily Times: Felixstowe mum Leila Mathieson with four-year-old daughter Millie.Felixstowe mum Leila Mathieson with four-year-old daughter Millie. (Image: Leila Mathieson)

Graham Denny, founder of BASIC Life, said: "We were delighted to be able to provide the final funding to enable Millie's bed to be ordered.

"On Friday, we were able to donate the outstanding £1,400 from our own funds to complete the fundraising.

"The BASIC Life Charity have supported local people in Felixstowe, Walton and the surrounding villages for more than 24 years now and Millie's cause was definitely one we want to get behind.

"Millie is a delightful girl and we know the bed will enable her and the family to have peace of mind. We'd like to thank the Felixstowe community for getting behind the initiative."