Sizewell C is opening up work opportunities for everyone to access, including women, young people and those with Down’s Syndrome.

Sizewell C, the new nuclear power project on the Suffolk coast, is facilitating accessible job opportunities to promote equality of opportunity across Suffolk.

A partnership between Sizewell C and Project 21 will give people with Down’s Syndrome opportunities to experience work placements in a variety of roles – from the Visitor Centre to the Information Office.

East Anglian Daily Times: Sizewell C’s new partnerships are promoting inclusive job opportunities across the regionSizewell C’s new partnerships are promoting inclusive job opportunities across the region (Image: Sizewell C / Andrew Hendry)

Announced on World Down Syndrome Day, up to five work placements will be available.

Sizewell C will also fund a fulltime position at Project 21 – a charity that provides innovative, exciting experiences and opportunities for people of all ages and abilities with Down’s Syndrome – to oversee and coordinate placements and provide support over the next two years.

Alex Munn, Project 21 founder and project manager, said: “We can’t wait to see more people with Down’s Syndrome in fulfilled, purposeful work placements, gaining the skills they deserve to progress with their careers in various avenues.

“The opportunities this opens up to our community are endless, and the difference it will make is immeasurable.”

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Marjorie Barnes, Sizewell C head of regional external affairs and development, said: “Sizewell C is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for this area – and it’s really important to us that these opportunities are available to everyone, especially those who might otherwise find it difficult to access these kinds of experiences.

“That’s why Project 21 is a such great match for us. The work they do in opening up experiences to people with Down’s Syndrome across the region is really inspirational.”

East Anglian Daily Times: Andreas Johnson will soon complete an eight-week work placement before joining the Sizewell C team in LeistonAndreas Johnson will soon complete an eight-week work placement before joining the Sizewell C team in Leiston (Image: Sizewell C / Andrew Hendry)

Andreas Johnson, the first of the Project 21 work placements, is coming to the end of an eight-week placement before joining the Sizewell C team in Leiston.

Andreas said: “I am very proud of what I have achieved whilst at Sizewell. I enjoy working with new people and showing groups around the Visitor Centre, which is very interesting. I feel a valued and important member of the team.”

This latest partnership followed news that Sizewell C will work with Women into Construction to facilitate access a larger pool of talented women to join the team.

Announced on International Women’s Day, this initiative will tackle the barriers that might prevent women to access roles in the nuclear industry and enable Sizewell C to more easily recruit potential female employees.

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Damian Leydon, Sizewell C site delivery director, said: “We know that there are barriers that prevent women from moving into construction roles like the ones on offer at Sizewell C. It’s an issue not only facing our project, but many others in the nuclear industry and across construction.

“Through this partnership, however, we can tackle those barriers head on – and it really signals our intent to engage more women in the project, especially in areas where they are currently underrepresented.”

East Anglian Daily Times: Sizewell C has partnered with Women into Construction to help women access roles in the nuclear industrySizewell C has partnered with Women into Construction to help women access roles in the nuclear industry (Image: Sizewell C / Andrew Hendry)

Jacqui Wordsworth, Women into Construction business development director, said: “Only 16% of the entire workforce in the UK construction industry is represented by women and we are looking forward to working with Sizewell C to provide women in the region with the opportunity to gain valuable insights and experience into what we believe is an exciting sector and company.”

Hayley Critchley, head of compliance at Sizewell C, joined the construction team three weeks ago: “Sizewell C is such an amazing opportunity for women in East Suffolk. There are a lot of ladies that hold key roles onsite already, and it’s a really welcoming environment for women.

“It’s clear that Sizewell C has put in place the policies, the processes, and the support networks to make it a truly diverse and gender-balanced place to work.”

Women in Construction and Project 21 are just two of a number of social partners – which also includes Inspire and Access Community Trust – with whom Sizewell C has previously signed a memorandum of understanding, to ensure the project is diverse and opportunities open to all.

Sizewell C is also offering 50 work experience placements for 14 to 20-year-olds. It will give young people a taste of what it’s like to work at the new power station, while creating connections for them to take on the many opportunities we’ll have over the construction period.

A recent Community Day showcased the breadth of opportunities available at Sizewell C to local stakeholders and residents, which also sought to promote discussion and engagement around maximising accessibility and equality of opportunity across the region.

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