A former Barclays bank in a town remains on the market as the asking price has been dropped by £100,000. 

The bank in Market Hill in Sudbury was originally put on the market in February with a £675,000 price tag. 

According to the Birchall Steel website, which is marketing the property, the building now has an asking price of £575,000. 

The banking giant closed down its Sudbury branch in July 2023, as more people used online resources to do their banking. 

The mayor of Sudbury described the bank closure as a "very sad day" for the town. 

Speaking at the time of the closure, a Barclays spokeswoman said: "Our customers’ behaviour has changed significantly in recent years, with the majority now choosing online banking."

Birchall Steel has said the building has potential to create six flats and two bedsits within the upper parts of the bank – although no formal planning applications have been made. 

The building extends over a basement, ground floor and two upper floors. There is also rear pedestrian and vehicle access.