A man and two women have admitted stealing £13,000 worth of jewellery from a shop in Bury St Edmunds earlier this year.

On Tuesday, the case against Radu Niculescu, 29, and two women both named Loredana Sava, aged 31 and 34, was heard before Judge Richard Kelly at Ipswich Crown Court.

On February 17, the three defendants visited Romark Jewellers in Abbeygate Street, Bury St Edmunds, where they “tricked” the jewellers into the loss of some £13,000 worth of items.

The trio, all of Pembroke Avenue in Luton, were arrested on February 25 when police attended their home.

Niculescu and the elder Sava pleaded guilty to the offence of theft at Suffolk Magistrates’ Court.

On Tuesday, the younger Sava, too, entered a guilty plea at Ipswich Crown Court.

Judge Kelly then considered whether to grant bail to Sava and her co-defendants.

Sava’s counsel said that she was a mother of three, whose youngest child was just six weeks old, and said that she was eager to return to caring for her children.

“There are three alias names recorded against [the younger Sava], and two alias dates of birth,” said Judge Kelly. “Her previous convictions are almost universally related to either theft or deception.”

He said that the younger Sava had convictions committed overseas, and several in the UK, including in Bedfordshire, Coventry, Nottingham, Birmingham and north and east Hertfordshire.

He found she was also in breach of a suspended sentence for shoplifting, for which she was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison, suspended for 24 months in June 2022.

Niculescu, too, admitted breaching a sentence. He was sentenced to six weeks imprisonment in May last year for handing stolen goods, suspended for two years.

Judge Kelly refused bail and remanded all three defendants in custody. The younger Sava broke down in tears at this news and offered to surrender her passport.

The next hearing in this case is expected to take place on May 23.