A well-known retailer has closed its doors in Bury St Edmunds. 

Denny Bros Supplies Ltd, in St Andrew’s Street South, had been a mainstay of the west Suffolk town centre for almost 80 years. 

The family-run shop, which was popular among arts and crafters, first opened in the town back in 1945. 

In a statement, owners said they were "devastated" to be closing the business. 

UPDATE: Sadness at Denny Bros closure

The statement reads: "Sadly, our business of many years has come to an end, and we can no longer continue in the high street retail market as it is today. 

"We have provided you with traditional, face to face customer service from our wonderful and knowledgeable staff, providing quality goods and services, and investing in local economy. 

"Over the years we have weathered many storms and outlived some well-known larger retailers. Unfortunately, the Covid lockdowns, drained us of our capital, and we have faced further factors such as Brexit, an energy crisis, and the recent cost of living crisis, which have all meant increasing costs we could neither bear nor fully pass on. 

"More recently we have been targeted by shoplifters, seemingly free of consequence or retribution, and with all these things combined, we simply could not bounce back. 

"We would like to thank our wonderful loyal customers for their custom and support over the years, some of you have become friends, and we are devastated not to be able to serve you all again. 

"We know you appreciated us, and we definitely appreciated you."