A care unit is now in operation after the completion of archaeological explorations. 

An application to build the residential unit in Martlesham was accepted in 2022, with Suffolk County Council asking for an archaeological survey to be carried out on its grounds. 

The reason for the survey was that the site has a type of sedimentary bedrock that was formed 3.6 to 2.1 million years ago, which according to Cotswold Archaeology similar sites had seen prehistoric discoveries.

Suffolk County Council Archeology said: "This site lies in an area of archaeological potential recorded on the County Historic Environment Record, within a landscape dense with prehistoric remains.

"As a result, there is high potential for the discovery of below-ground heritage assets of archaeological importance within this area, and groundworks associated with the development have the potential to damage or destroy any archaeological remains which exist."

Construction of the care unit was finished in November 2023. In an update to the application, Suffolk County Council has discharged the condition relating to the archeological survey.

The unit lies south of the park and ride in Martlesham and is spread over 279 square feet of land and will host five people at a time. 

It is a modular building, which is a prefabricated method of construction which is faster cheaper and more flexible than traditional construction methods. 

It has been built by Concertus Design and Property Consultants, who are an Ipswich-based property designing company.